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Tips for Driving a RAM Truck with a Trailer Attached

04 Nov Inventory, Towing | Comments Off on Tips for Driving a RAM Truck with a Trailer Attached
Tips for Driving a RAM Truck with a Trailer Attached

Last time, we looked at how to properly attach a trailer and load the cargo on your RAM truck near Atlanta. Today, Atlanta Commercial Trucks with the help of RAM trucks will give Atlanta truck owners some tips on how to drive and operate your work truck when a trailer is attached.

First of all, if you’ve never driven a truck with a trailer attached, it is recommended that you practice in an open area safe of any obstacles to get the feel of it before going out on the road.

Backing up, driving and turning

ACT-trailer wide turnIf you’re backing up, perhaps leaving your driveway after attaching a trailer, make small adjustments from the bottom of the steering wheel. Don’t try to make a full rotation in one motion like you might with no trailer attached. According to RAM, “Slight turns of the steering wheel translate to greater movement of the trailer.” Go slow, and if possible have someone behind the trailer to spot you.

Picking up acceleration and braking both take more distance when you have a trailer attached. Put extra distance between your truck and the car in front of you. Like backing up, take it slow.

In the instance of the trailer swaying, take your foot off the gas and don’t try to punch the gas or slam on the brakes to compensate. Wide turns can also be more challenging. Check the mirrors, check your mirrors again, and remember that the longer the trailer, the wider the turn must be.

Additional tips

In case of a flat, make sure you bring a full-size spare tire as a donut will not work and will not be safe when towing a trailer.

ACT-trailer passingWhen driving up and down hills, apply the brakes softly and, you guessed it, take it slow when descending. If you’re in a manual transmission RAM truck, downshift before going both uphill and downhill.

When you reach your destination, pick a level, flat surface to park. If possible, choose a place where you can avoid backing out when leaving. Put chock blocks on the trailer wheels to prevent any movement while loading and unloading.

Most importantly, stay alert when driving with a trailer. It’s a big responsibility, so be sure to look down the road and be ready for any potential problems.

To test drive a RAM work truck that can power your business and take it to the next level, contact Atlanta Commercial Trucks today! With the service, upfits and selection that make us the best, we have Atlanta’s No. 1 RAM dealer behind us, so you know that your Georgia business fleet is in good hands with us!